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Mari Lalana is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, and Equine Guided Facilitator, whose transformative work unfolds amidst the serene beauty of Small Blessing Retreat. 

With an undeniable affinity for animals, Mari has devoted her life to nurturing their well-being. From her early days of riding  using traditional disciplines, she embarked on a journey of self-discovery, immersing herself in the realms of animal communication and 'natural' horsemanship.

Discovering a profound sense of joy in gentleness and honouring the sentience and spirit of all beings, Mari has created a sanctuary—a haven of peace and connection—where healing becomes a tangible reality for all species.


Join Mari in her little slice of heaven as she unveils the extraordinary possibilities that lie within the realms of equine-guided wellness, learning, and coaching.


Member of:

  • ICF (International Coaching Federation)  

  • EFWC (Equine Facilitated Wellness Canada).

Apprenticed at:

  • Unbridling Your Brilliance in the 'Adventures in Awareness' program

Get to know her sentient partners on the Meet the Animals page.

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