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Read/Sing to Me

Covid-19 has presented a unique set of challenges but also some wonderful opportunities. One is our sponsorship program that was actually requested by a visiting child. She wanted to adopt an animal that she could visit and offer her allowance to help care for him or her. This created our Adopt an Animal program.

Your gift helps to pay for feed, medical care, bedding and other expenses required to make their lives comfortable and healthy so that they can continue to care for humans. In return, you receive:

  • a picture and story of your adopted animal

  • a certificate of adoption

  • one 30 minute visit with your adoptee monthly

  • one "Read/Sing to Me" visit with your animal a month included (separate from regular visit or same day)

  • pictures with you and your adoptee

  • updates on events involving your adoptee


No subscription; cancel anytime.

Visit our Meet the Animals page, then fill out the form below.


Suggested minimum adoption fee: $20/month or $200 if paid yearly (2 months free)

Adoption Form
Monthly fee, no commitment,
cancel anytime.

Thank you for helping us make a difference!

Someone will contact you shortly to finish the adoption process.

Benefitting both human and animal, our reading program has proven to be a win win! Or choose to sing to or play an instrument for the animals!

Reading out loud, singing, or playing an instrument creates oxygen flow within the body promoting wellness and healing. It improves memory and retention, builds confidence, increases vocabulary, and helps regulate emotions by soothing and calming the brain. It provides a sense of purpose when the effects on the animals are so readily obvious.


To the animals being read to, sung to or played for, a state of serenity and calm occurs. They benefit from the attention and connection and seem to be willing to stay close of their own accord when being read, played or sung to. 

Come read out loud to our animals. Sing to them! Play for them!  Discover or rediscover the pleasure of this exercise while connecting to nature and her creatures.


Bring your own book or select from our library. Bring your voice, or bring your instrument!

By appointment, signed waiver required. 

20 minute visit suggested offering:



Contact Us for Read/Sing to Me Program

Thanks for submitting!

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