Coronavirus ... different times





we will be OPEN for pre-booked individuals and very small groups.

Bookings and appointments can be made for individuals or groups of 6 for:

- Wellness Coaching

- Healing with the animals

- Meditation, Yoga, Prayer

- Connect To: roots, nature and self awareness

- Celebrations at Small Blessings

- Special sessions for First Responders, Frontline

Workers, Nurses and Doctors.

Because of Covid-19, we will follow prescribed protocol to maintain everyone's safety


- Handwashing stations are available. Sanitizing and washing will be required prior to, between, and after sessions.

- Masks and gloves will be required. In the spirit of conservation, please bring your own when possible. Provisions will however be available if needed.

- Social distancing will be maintained.

- We are unable to accomodate clients in wheelchairs at the moment.

- All work will be done in the barn area.The studio will remain closed until further notice

- All sessions are for 1 - 1.5 hours max

- There is currently no portapotty available (Coming in April). There are a few public facilities nearby (Starbucks, Tim Hortons, etc); please plan accordingly. 

- Payment by e-transfer. Cash in an envelope is accepted but exact amount only please, no change available.

Thank you for understanding.


During these different times, we want to offer a break from the isolation.


  • Whether by phone, FaceTime or other social App

  • I will be available for chats during certain set times of the day

  • Message me via FaceBook, this website, or via email: to book a time

  • Pass this information on to those you feel might benefit


  • Contact us for special programs and promotions

Starting March 15, 2021


COVID UPDATE!!! June 20, 2022

What a journey we've all been on! But once again times are changing and here is how we will adapt and cope at Small Blessings

- Masks are not required but the option is open. Whatever makes you comfortable. My staff and I may choose to wear masks.
- We are able to accommodate individuals and groups once again! However social distancing is still encouraged. 
- Please do not come if experiencing one or more Covid symptoms. We will be happy to reschedule.
- Sanitizers and hand washing stations will be available. For reasons other than Covid, we encourage its frequent use.

Call/text to book your experience now. 778.881.4131


March 2020 - 

The pandemic has us all feeling anxious. These are troubling times. But if we take the necessary steps to flatten the curve such as STAYING AT HOME, washing hands frequently, not touching our faces, and if we must go out, keeping a safe distance while covering up with masks and gloves, we can and will survive this global virus. We are all in this together; here is a chance for us humans to act as one united force against an unseen fear. 

Here at Small Blessings, we are taking all precautions needed to stay and keep safe. We are closed. During this time of quiet reflection and prayer, the equines and I are re-thinking our mission, waiting to see what God and His creation wants from us; what our next goal will be.


In the meantime, as we all self-isolate, perhaps we can use this time to practice mindful awareness. Let's reflect on our own health: physical, spiritual and emotional.


We can also set new goals, make better choices, for a more meaningful life, for ways to heal the earth that we have ignored for far too long, and for ways to heal our relationships with our fellow living beings, human and animal. 

Let's take advantage of our enforced or chosen retreat and opt to:

  • to be present in our breath 

  • to recognize that our current thoughts may not be our reality

  • to be grateful

  • to be more mindful

  • to go with the flow

  • to practice kindness and compassion

  • to pray.

We are here for you, the horses and I, if you need to connect with your fears, especially if they become a source of anxiety. We listen. We support. We are here.

You can email, message or call. Leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

We do not need to be isolated in heart and mind.

Also look out for our coming meditations which will be available free here on our web page or via Facebook and Instagram.

STAY SAFE. We will see you whole and renewed at the end of this tunnel.