Our animal companions came to us through various means, each with a unique story to be told.Some of their backgrounds tell of hardships overcome and the resiliency and will to continue to be joyful and in the moment in spite of them. Others just came to us and know only joy. 

Which is exactly what makes them such excellent teachers...


FAITH: (Faith in YOU)

The leader. She is naughty, rebellious, bossy and sassy. But, oh, so on point when it comes to the work! She leads the others to where they need to be. She is our youngest and tiniest member.

HOPE: (High hope)

The unicorn. Shy and elusive like one, she is the most sensitive to people's needs and will step forward where needed. She is our oldest and wisest member.

GRACE:(amazing grace)

The beauty. She is solid and true, faithful to the end, and a lover of humans. She changes colours with the seasons.











- our newest additions, they were rescued as a three-for-one!

PACCI: (dona nobis pacem)  

The largest. Her name is Latin for Grant Us Peace. She has lots to teach. Little was known of their background and Pacci had trust issues, so watching her come out of her shell and be so eager to do the work has been such a gift for us all.

FERNANDA:(bold journey)

Chocolate in colour and just as sweet, she will offer any part of herself for a scratch and if you're not paying attention, she might try to sit on your lap! 

BURRITO: (benicio del burro)

The only boy on our team. His name means Blessings from the Donkey!

His gentle, quiet, peaceful ways remind us all to stay calm and hold all judgement.

If he could speak I am sure his motto would be: "The truth shall set you free!"

Also: "When's the next feeding time?"

                      THE CHICKENS


Seven lovely ladies, all different breeds, all loving and sweet.

  • Coco Chanel

  • Cadbury

  • Cinderella

  • Cookie and baby, Crispy

  • Cleo

  • Chikira

  • Meryl Cheep





Vinnie is a Silkie Leghorn who takes his job very seriously.

His role is to save the ladies from predators and protect them from harm

Vinnie hard at work!