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Equine Guided Coaching
Personal, Groups & Workshops

Solvitur ambulando.

It is solved by walking.
- St Augustine


Equine Guided Coaching

$75/hour Personal

Group/Workshops negotiated separately

  • Personal

  • Group 

  • Workshops

Since the 90's horses have served us through much more than just riding and pulling when equine assisted therapy was developed by Nebraska-born Greg Kersten, founder of the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association.. The discovery that the body movement of the horse synchronized with our own to promote all types of healing was the beginning of a new relationship with this sentient being. ​Later it became apparent that not only movement but heart rhythms between horse and human also synchronized whether on the ground or riding. Through the work of pioneers Barbara Rector and Ann Alden, founders of Adventures in Awareness, the individual learns to connect mind, body and heart in a relationship with a sentient being such as the horse in an experience akin to "joyful meditation in motion."

Horses are prey animals that have sharp intuitive abilities that have allowed them to survive this length of time. They live in a state of heightened yet relaxed awareness in the present moment which lets them sense everything around them. ​Speaking, not in language, but rather through energy, they help us disconnect for a moment from our thinking side and reconnect more with our feelings and senses reflecting back to us what we put out into the world.

Equine Guided Coaching uses the human-horse connection for personal development and growth by expanding self awareness, and enhancing the ability to take responsibility for self, thus contributing to the safety of the group and the herd. ​Whether for personal, group, business or corporate teams, connecting with horse as coach enriches the journey towards emotional, spiritual and interpersonal awareness and growth. 


Join us in helping our diabetic/metabolic donkeys get the care they need through movement and connection.

In this 40 minute session, we learn about their care and nutrition, and how similar our bodies function. Observe them, groom them, create a bond with their individual personalities, and invite them to walk with you as everyone activates their metabolism together in a gentle, fun and supportive environment.

This program was originally designed for BC Diabetes to help Type II diabetics and pre-diabetics kick-start their metabolism in a fun environment out in nature with animals, but all are welcome.

Sold in single visits and packages.

Move That Ass

$40 per 40 minute session

or $100 for 3 sessions


Good Stewards

$75 per 1 hour session

Caring for the earth, for all of its inhabitants both animate and inanimate, learning how earth cares for us in return for our stewardship, this hands-on program can offer a new way of seeing and being in our planet. Everything we need to thrive is right here in our home. It is our obligation to learn how to connect to and nurture this place that nurtures us.

In this program of age appropriate exercises, we focus on how energy is all around us working to connect to the energy within us.

Depending on time and participation, we try as many of the following connection exercises:

  • Earthing (Grounding)

  • Tapping

  • Meditation 

  • Heart Connection

  • Animal Care

  • Tree Talk

  • Earth Care

The takeaway might be a new way of looking at the world around us, how each one of us plays an important role in healing, protecting, and changing our sacred space through compassion, respect, and responsibility.

Groups and individuals of all ages welcome; program may be tailored to suit particular themes. Great for schools (can tie into current themes), clubs, societies, companies, families, individuals... a different kind of retreat idea for bridesmaids' bonding, reunions, or team building. This 1 hour session goes deeper with every visit and can also be tailored for a longer stay.  

A Community works together for the Chickens!!!

White Rock Police rescues 2 chickens found wandering 

the streets of White Rock.  

Small Blessings takes them in until they can find a permanent home.

Kindred Farms steps in and gives them sanctuary!


Take that first step.

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