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meditation with horses

Experience the peace and calm that comes from the presence of horses as they join the group or individual in themed and guided meditation. We ask our horses to join us; they are not forced or 'trained'. So the experience is always unique and varied. Meditations are scheduled and announced through Instagram, mailing list or Facebook. Please let me know how you wish to be informed. You may also book private meditations.



Experience connection and release with this incredible event. The donkeys are drawn to the energy in the circle and offer support as our certified yoga instructor, Niqi, guides you through a series of movements on your chair focusing on the revitalizing the chakras.

- Safe for all levels.

- Limited seats so pre-booking a must. 

- Closed shoes for safety please, NO bare feet.

- Release forms required for signing prior to event.

Meditations -  ALLOW ALLOW ALLOW


Enter into a state of deep relaxation while remaining in motion. Farm work, walking, grooming, stretching, yoga, as light or heavy as you wish, done in silence with meditation music in the background if desired. Guided at the start, with the equines holding space, we will set an intention before proceeding. This is an excellent way to explore and connect to the body, mind, and heart in search of healing, clarity, and peace, no matter what the outside world demands.

Maximum 4 people. By appointment only. 

ART WITH ANIMALS - $25 per session (1 - 1.5 hours)

We begin with connection exercises and grounding. Then move into animal spaces and continue with a short guided meditation. After, we break into our own selected space, inviting the animals to join us as we begin the exercise of art with whatever medium is preferred: charcoal, watercolour, pencil, etc.

By appointment only. No minimum or maximum attendees

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