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We are all beings of Energy with the capacity to be Well.


 A gentle, non-invasive modality of guiding life energy to promote balance and well being, Reiki was discovered and developed in Japan by Samurai Master Usui while meditating on a mountain top. Since then, it has gained much attention globally because of its efficacy. A common question asked is: what is reiki good for? I have my own query: what is it NOT good for? Reiki provides centered presence and wholeness wether one experiences challenges or imbalance in body, mind, heart, spirit, and environment. I like to think of it as the energetic push that helps us get back on track when we have been derailed.

Sessions are available for both humans and animals by appointment either in person or through distance sharing (phone, zoom, etc). Sessions may include sound bath, aromatherapy, and other supporting practices. These may be discussed and booked prior to appointment.

If you are booking online, I will contact you to get further details so please be sure to leave your number or email.

In person appointments for humans are available at Small Blessings farm (with the animals who willingly share reiki upon invitation),  or in your home within a reasonable distance.

For pets, horses or farm animals, arrangements can be booked to come your home, stables or farm (within reasonable distance), or via long distance (whattsapp, facetime).

Reiki for Humans or Animals




$50 / 30 minutes in person

$70 / 45 minutes in person

$95 / 60 minutes in person

$40 / 30 minutes long distance

For humans, I prefer to share this energy while client is seated or reclined comfortably in our zero-gravity chair. Hands may be placed on the client lightly or hover above from a short distance, depending on preference and comfort level. If reiki is offered at the barn, animals will often join and share if invited. 

For animals, if in person, depending on the animal's reception of energy, I may lay hands on or hover over. All animals are unique and different. I prefer to 'listen' to what they are comfortable with. My daughter has two dogs. One prefers hands on treatments. The other has high anxiety so I share reiki nearby or from another room. I have three horses and three donkeys and all of them choose different ways to receive. 



$50 / 30 minutes in person

$30 / 30 minutes long distance

Reiki Classes Level 1 & 2

Join me for my Reiki Classes Levels 1 to 3, and experience the positive energy that it brings. Learn techniques that will help you tap into the energy around you. Level I - This 2-day, 3 hour class is designed to help you connect with yourself and others. You will learn how to be the channel or the conduit to receiving and sharing energy in a positive, non-invasive manner.

Level II - Learn how to share this healing energy via long distance. In this level you will deepen your practice through the use of symbols. This is a 2-day, 6 hour class.

Both levels include a manual, reading requirement and meditations.

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