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Special Events
creating joy in unique and tender moments


Birthday Encounter

$100 birthday child, 2 adult guardians free

$20 each additional guest child, 3 max


$75 birthday adult, $75 each adult companion

Spend your birthday in the company of equines and other farm animals. Experience a connection of a different kind as you move as one with horses, donkeys, chickens, trees, wild birds and bugs. Includes feeding, grooming, care, play, touch and feel. 

Children ages 3 to 103 are welcome for a unique experience.


Included with this unique 1 hour visit (makes a great gift!):

  • Gift from the animals for the birthday celebrant

  • Grooming 

  • Celebrant walks with an equine

  • Meet the Chickens


  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult, maximum 2 adults with the group

  • Signed waivers required.

  • Closed toe shoes required.

  • $100


Seniors Visits

Senior visits are always welcome! Groups, care homes or individuals, this 45 minute visit will be delightful and memorable. Safe interactions with the animals, grounding meditations for better heart connections,  grooming and more. 

There is no charge for this event, but donations are gratefully accepted.

  • These must be booked in advance by appointment only.

  • Closed toe shoes a requirement

  • Signed waiver forms required.

  • Porta potty on site.

  • Not fully wheelchair accessible in the rain

No Charge


Visuals, Voices,& Violins

Visuals: 1 hour

$40 private $25 per person for 2 or more 


Voices & Violins: 30 minutes

By Donation

Visuals: Come spend time with animals and nature creating a flow of inspiration through your sense of sight. Put into paper what your eyes see through art or writing. One hour sessions begin with centering and a brief meditation creating a connection to the animals. Bring out your charcoals, watercolours or your journal and create your masterpiece.

  • 1 hour, by appointment only

  • Bring your own supplies of choice

  • ​Signed waiver required

  • Closed toe shoes required

  • $40 private; $25 per person for 2 or more

Voices and Violins: Benefitting both human and animal, reading out loud, singing, or playing an instrument creates oxygen flow within the body promoting wellness and healing. It improves memory and retention, builds confidence, increases vocabulary, and helps regulate emotions by soothing and calming the brain. But, it provides a greater sense of purpose, confidence and healing when the effects on the animals are so readily obvious. To the animals being read to, sung to or played for, a state of curious serenity and calm occurs. They benefit from the attention and connection and seem to be willing to stay close of their own accord. ​Come share yourself. Discover or rediscover the pleasure of this exercise while connecting to nature and her creatures.

  • 30 minutes

  • Bring your own book or select from our library

  • Bring your voice, or bring your instrument!

  • ​Signed waiver required

  • Closed toe shoes required

  • By appointment only, each session 30 minutes

  • By donation, no amount is too small. It really is the thought that counts at Small Blessings

Burrito likes to serenade the ladies


Events of the Heart

event and price to be discussed

Events of the Heart are designed by you. 

Heart Connections with animals are healing, transformational, and unique. They have the ability to open our hearts to possibilities, to let go or hold close, to be one with ourselves and those whom we hold dear. These are from 1-3 hours. They can be privately personal, or in a group. These must be pre-booked.

So I invite you to be creative. 

Tell me your ideas and we will build  it together.

Past events include:

  • Pre and post wedding events - showers, stagettes, in-laws, wedding party, newlyweds

  • Reunions - friends, families, classmates, workmates....

  • Celebrations of New and Passed Life 

  • Releasing, Remembering, Anniversaries

  • Relationships - building, connecting, creating - for couples, families, friends, staff

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